Mar 22, 2023  
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Leaves of Absence

Policies  > Leaves of Absence

Any doctoral or professional students who cannot enroll in a given semester must apply for a leave of absence using a Graduate and Professional Student Petition to remain in good standing.

Leaves of absence may only be granted by the college dean for exceptional circumstances such as educational opportunities which will not require the use of university resources, personal problems which temporarily interfere with the student’s ability to continue in the program, or other such circumstances as the dean determines are extenuating.

Leaves of absence shall be granted for specific periods of time, e.g. one semester, one year, etc. and may contain requirements for readmission into the program. A student who requests an extension of a current leave of absence shall have that request considered as a new request.