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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

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Who’s Who in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages


Emran El-Badawi


Francesca Behr, Alessandro Carrera, Claudine Giacchetti, Casey Dué Hackney, Marie Theresa Hernández, Xiaohong (Sharon) Wen, Robert Zaretsky, Marc Zimmerman (Emeritus)

Associate Professors:

Richard Armstrong, Conrad James, Emran El-Badawi, Monica Ercolani (Instructional), Hildegard Glass, Julia Kleinheider (Instructional), Sarasij Majumder, Duylap Nguyen, Julie Tolliver, Nina Tucci

Assistant Professors:

Michael Fares (Instructional), Melody Yunzi Li, Marshall McArthur (Instructional), Caryn Tamber-Rosenau (Instructional), Bhavia Tiwari, Wei Wang, Jing Zhang (Instructional)

Lecturers & Instructors:

Tanya Bandmann, Aymara Boggiano, Daniel Centeno, Sandra Frieden, James Houlihan, Kathleen Kidder, Martina Luke-Dorn, Alda Nicosia, Maya Panchang, Raymond Gnanwo Hounfodii, Martina Luke-Dorn, Mamiko Suzuki

Chinese Studies Director:

Xiaohong Sharon Wen

Classical Studies Director:

Casey Dué Hackney

French Program Director:

Claudine Giacchetti

German Program Director:

Hildegard Glass

Italian Studies Director:

Alessandro Carrera

World Cultures and Literature Undergraduate Director:

Conrad James

World Cultures and Literature Graduate Director:

Alessandro Carrera

Degrees and Majors

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Studies, French, and World Cultures and Literatures. The World Cultures and Literatures B.A. offers the following concentrations: Ancient Studies, German Studies, Francophone Culture Studies, Italian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Global Cinema Studies, and Global Modernity Studies.

Minor programs include Arab Studies, Chinese, French, French for Business-Related Professions, German, German Area Studies, Greek, India Studies, Italian, Jewish Studies, Latin, and World Cultures and Literature. Requirements for minors precede the listing of courses.

Teacher certification for secondary education is available in French, Latin, and Italian studies.

For Chinese and French summer program, click here .

General Requirements

Majors in French must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.50-grade point average in all courses attempted in the major.