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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog
University of Houston
  Jan 22, 2018
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Creative Work Minor

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This minor provides a multidisciplinary art in context program that integrates creative projects, critical study, and cultural research. The minor also supports access to artistic and creative opportunities both on and off-campus.

Complete 18 hours of courses approved for the Creative Work minor, including:

One foundation course: HON 3310 .

12 additional hours, six of which must be advanced, selected from the following approved list for the minor:

AAS 3301: Hip Hop History and Culture

CHNS 3350: Chinese Culture Through Films

CLAS 3345: Myth and performance in Greek Tragedy

CLAS 3381: From Homer to Hollywood

CLAS 4353: Dreaming Culture

COMM 4338: The Family in Popular Culture

COMM 4370: Social Aspects of Film

DAN 3311: Dance History II

ENGL 4373: Vision and Power: Film, Text and Politics

ENGL 4371H: Literature and Medicine

HIST 3327H: Houston Since 1836

HON 3397H: Immersion Journalism

HON 4310H: The City Dionysia

HON 4315H: Artists & Their Regions

HON 4397H: The Anatomical Theater

HON 4397H: Representing Islam

HDFS 1311: Development of Self-Regulated Learning

IART 3300: Intro to Interdisciplinary Art

IART 3395: Art as Activism

IART 4300: Collaboration Among the Arts

ITAL 4308: Dante and His World

MUSI 2397: History of Rock

MUSI 3301: Listening to World Music

MUSI 3303: Popular Music of the Americas since 1840

PHIL 1361: Philosophy and the Arts

PHI 3361: Philosophy of Art

RELS 2310: Bible and Western Culture I

RELS 3333: Religion and Literature

WCL 2351: World Cultures Through Lit & Arts

WCL 4352: Frames of Modernity II

WGSS 2350: Intro to Women’s Studies

One 4000 level capstone course: HON 4310 ,HON 4315  ,IART 4300 , or another 4000 level course approved by the minor program director.

A minimum of 12 hours must be taken in residence.

A cumulative GPA of 3.25 is required in courses completed for the minor.

Up to six credit hours of approved electives may be satisfied by internship with a local arts organization or by a senior honors thesis with approval of the minor program director.

A maximum of 6 semester hours of completed minor coursework may be counted towards a student’s major. Note that any course that counts towards a student’s major and towards the Core Curriculum cannot also count towards the 18 semester hours required for the minor.


The Center for Creative Work in the Honors College

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