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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]




Students who wish to enter pre-pharmacy at the University of Houston must apply for admission through the university’s Office of Admissions. They must satisfy all admission and scholastic requirements outlined in the Office of Admissions website. It should be emphasized that university regulations limit acceptance of hours from a junior or community college to 66 hours.

Admission - International Students

International students applying for admission to the pre-pharmacy program at the university, requiring evaluation of a foreign transcript should initiate their application with the university’s Office of Admissions, University of Houston Welcome Center, 4400 University Drive, Houston, TX. 77204-2023.

Admission - Transfer Students

Students who take their pre-pharmacy work at other institutions should meet the curriculum requirements for pre-pharmacy as outlined in this section of the catalog. Students are encouraged to consult the advisor of the college they are attending for assistance in selecting courses at other institutions. The College of Pharmacy will determine the number of transferable credits according to regulations and policies existing at the time of the students’ enrollment. It should be emphasized that university regulations limit acceptance of hours from a community college to 66.

Students Enrolled at UH

It is recommended that all pre-pharmacy students interested in pursuing a Pharm.D. degree and matriculating at the University of Houston enroll (register) for Introduction to Pharmacy (PHAR 2200 ) and/or PHAR 2362 - Principles of Drug Action  during either the first or second pre-pharmacy year.

Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

University Core Curriculum

All bachelor’s degrees require completion of a core curriculum. Further information on courses that satisfy core curriculum requirements can be obtained by consulting the current class listings, an academic advisor, or the core curriculum .


Core Curriculum Requirements

College of Pharmacy’s Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum Requirements



The College of Pharmacy offers students an opportunity to earn credit without a grade in specific courses through a credit by examination program. The tests utilized for placement with credit are:

  1. Advanced Placement (AP),
  2. College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and
  3. Departmental examinations offered by the university.

For information about eligibility for any of the tests or to report score transfers write:

University Testing Service
University of Houston
212 Student Service Center 1
Houston, Texas 77204-3025

or visit the Web site at:

Grade Point Average Requirements

Prepharmacy students must maintain the following minimum grade point average requirement in both the overall and math/science courses included in the pre-pharmacy curriculum requirements given above.

Minimum Required Grade Point Average

End of first semester of freshman year 2.75
End of second semester of freshman year 3.0
End of second semester of sophomore year 3.2
End of second semester of junior year 3.4

Students not meeting these minimum grade point average requirements will have a hold placed on their enrollment (registration) record until such time as they change majors.

The pre-pharmacy student is required to apply to the college of pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program no later than the end of their sophomore year. If the student is not applying to the college of pharmacy, the student may not remain a pre-pharmacy major. A HOLD will be placed on the student record and it will remain until this is satisfied. Students wishing to obtain a Bachelor’s degree prior to starting the Pharm. D. program should maintain their degree program in their major prior to applying to the Pharmacy program.

This policy does not imply that a student with grades within these guidelines is guaranteed admission. Pharmacy admission is based upon several factors including an interview. The average GPA of admitted students has been within a range 3.2 - 3.6.

This policy does not apply to incoming transfer students who must have a 3.0 GPA for the overall and math/science pre-pharmacy GPA and successfully complete the required pre-pharmacy courses* to be admitted as a pre-pharmacy student.

*Required pre-pharmacy courses: CHEM 1331; BIOL 1361 or BIOL 1362; and MATH 1431

Additionally, students with 30 or more hours of Pre-Pharmacy prerequisites may not change their major to Pre-Pharmacy. Any student with an interest in pharmacy, regardless of major, may receive advising directly from University of Houston College of Pharmacy. After a student has completed 30 hours of prerequisites, the student should be applying to the College of Pharmacy and/or putting their back up plan in place in the event that they are denied admission to the College of Pharmacy.