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2021-2022 Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Student Handbook [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Financial Responsibility

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Financial Responsibility

Students incur charges for a variety of services provided by the University. It is an expectation, as well as a condition of enrollment at the University of Houston, that students satisfy their financial responsibilities in a timely fashion. Individuals who fail to do so will incur the sanctions outlined in this section.

Students who illegally enroll at the University of Houston by:

  1. failing to pay past due balances at any other University of Houston System campus,
  2. providing the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid with false information for purposes of obtaining financial assistance, or
  3. submitting a check (whether electronic or paper) for enrollment expenses that is returned by the University’s bank will have 10 calendar days (or, in the event this is the first installment, until the 20th class day, whichever comes first) to legitimize their enrollment. The 10 days will begin on the date the University provides notification to the student specifying what action the student must take to correct existing deficiencies. Failure of a student to respond within the 10-day period to a notice of a returned check for the initial fee payment will result in the student being financially disenrolled from the University. Students who write two bad checks (unless due to bank error) to the University for tuition and fees or for any other university obligation forfeit check-writing privileges for one year and must petition for future eligibility. In addition, a student who has tendered to the University a check returned unpaid by the bank will be assessed a $20 service charge. In the event an e-check is returned unpaid the student will also be assessed a $20 service charge. Students who fail to make their first payment by the due date as stated in their online bill will be financially disenrolled, and their records will reflect no enrollment. Anytime payment is not made by the due date indicated, a late fee will be assessed. Students who fail to make subsequent payments by the final payment deadline provided will be subject to the following sanctions:
    • A $50 severance of service fee will be assessed.
    • Financial stops/service indicators will be placed preventing further enrollment until cleared by the Student Business Services Department.
    • No degree will be conferred to a student or former student until financial obligations have been satisfied.
    • University housing may be denied.
    • Transcripts or statements regarding courses or prior credits will not be provided to or on behalf of a student who is in default on any payment to the University.
    • Non-payment by the end of the semester, defined as the last day of scheduled classes prior to the beginning of finals, will result in transfer of the student’s account to the Collections Office and assessment of a collection fee of at least 25 percent of the outstanding balance and the loss of any future enrollment.

Grade changes as a result of non-payment, dropping courses or withdrawing from the University will not relieve the student of unmet financial obligations to the University.

Appeal of any of these actions may be made in writing to the Student Business Services Department. The department is required to consider all information relevant to the appeal before making a final decision.

(Editor’s note: Students should read the section on Financial Information   of this publication.)