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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Scholarships and Financial Aid: C.T. Bauer College of Business

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All graduate students accepted into the C.T. Bauer College of Business are eligible to apply for Bauer College scholarships. In the 2013-2014 academic year, approximately 350 Bauer College students were awarded over $1,120,000 in scholarships.  Bauer College scholarships range from $500 to $5,000, and are competitively awarded by the Bauer College Scholarship Committee.  Scholarships range on a basis of academic merit, financial need, and a combination of both.  Almost all doctoral students receive fellowships and there is some scholarship support available to them, as well.

The specific criteria for each scholarship are established by the scholarship donors and the college.  Applicants need to complete the single on-line Bauer College Scholarship Application form to be considered for all Bauer College scholarships for which they qualify.  For scholarships that require financial need, students who are U.S Citizens and permanent residents will need to fill out the FAFSA online.  International students will fill out the Bauer Financial Aid Application for International Students and turn this directly into the Bauer College Scholarship Coordinator, along with the student’s past six months’ bank statements.  These documents (and likewise FAFSA data) are utilized as financial need review material and confidential to the Scholarship Committee.  Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they have been admitted to a Bauer graduate program since scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, with the bulk of scholarships being awarded prior to the start of the academic year.

In addition to the annually-funded scholarships that may vary from year to year, the Bauer College has the following endowed Scholarships available for graduate students including, but not limited to:

  • Bank of America Academic Success Scholarship
  • Bauer Alumni MBA/EMBA Scholarship in Honor of Latha Ramchand
  • Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation Fellowship Endowment
  • Charles T. Bauer- Full-Time MBA
  • Charles T. Bauer- Part-Time MBA
  • Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable
  • EMBA Alumni Association
  • Larry R. Furman Scholarship (DOCTORAL)
  • Aron S. & Anaruth P. Gordon Scholarship
  • Harry B. & Aileen B. Gordon Scholarship
  • Houston Foundation for Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Dan C. Jones and Yvonne W. Jones Scholarship
  • Jesse H. Jones Business Leadership Development Program
  • Robert L. and Ruth Kneebone Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard Charles Kuriger IV MBA Scholarship Endowment
  • William Laufman Memorial Scholarship
  • The Minute Maid Company Foundation Scholarship
  • Prudential Insurance Scholarship
  • Wells Fargo Scholarship

Bauer College of Business Scholarship information and the on-line application form are found on the Bauer Scholarship web page, http://www. Bauer.uh.edu/scholarships. For questions, please contact:

Bauer College of Business Scholarships Office
334 Melcher Hall
Suite 320, Room E.
University of Houston
Houston, Texas, 77204-6021


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to citizens and eligible non-citizens who are enrolled in at least 6 hours.  All applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for financial need-based scholarships and other financial aid based on financial need.  Bauer College students interested in scholarships from the Bauer College must also complete the Bauer College online Scholarship Application, found at http://www.Bauer.uh.edu/scholarships.

State and federal grants are available through programs administered by the University of Houston Student Financial Aid Office.  These are very limited and are need-based.  Graduate students primarily receive loans to cover their costs.  Federal loans consist of the Stafford Loan (subsidized and/or unsubsidized).  Stafford subsidized loans are loans that are need-based, and the interest on them is paid by the government while the student is enrolled in school.  An unsubsidized loan begins accruing interest immediately after disbursement and is limited to $20,500/year (a maximum of $8500 of this amount is subsidized).  Repayment for these loans begins 6 months after graduation or if the student drops below half-time enrollment.  There are other loans available to students if these loans are not sufficient to cover cost of attendance, which can be discussed with a financial aid advisor.

The Bauer College of Business houses a financial aid advisor to serve its graduate students, located in the Bauer Graduate and Professional Programs Office, 320 Melcher Hall or via e-mail at drpineda@uh.edu.