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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Faculty with Joint BME Appointments



Metin Akay, Ph.D., Founding Chair, John S. Dunn Chair, Professor; Ph.D., Rutgers University; Biomedical signal modeling and processing.

Vice Chair

Chandra Mohan, MD, Ph.D., Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Endowed Professor; MD, National University of Singapore; Ph.D., Tufts University; Elucidating the cellular, molecular, and genetic players leading to murine lupus, with corresponding translational studies in human lupus; mining new biomarkers and targets in chronic rheumatic diseases.

Program Directors

Kirill Larin, Ph.D., Director for Graduate Program, Full Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston; Biomedical engineering/optics with particular emphasis on diagnostic imaging, biosensing, microscopy and classification of tissues.

Elebeoba E. May, Ph.D., Director for BME Research Program, Associate Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina State University; Bioinformatics, infectious disease and immunity, biomolecular modeling, computational biosensor platform technologies.

Muayyed Al-Ubaidi, Ph.D., Director for Undergraduate Program, Full Professor; Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine; Transgenic models of inherited retinal disease.

Biomedical Engineering Faculty

Mohammed Reza Abidian, Ph.D., Associate Professor: Ph.D., University of Michigan; Translational neural engineering and neural interfaces; development of micro/nano-medical devices and technologies for neural tissue regeneration, brain tumor treatment, neural recording, and neurochemical sensing that can be used for the diagnosis and the treatment of neural injuries and neurological disorders and diseases.

Yasemin Akay, Ph.D., Instructional Associate Professor; Ph.D., Rutgers University; Neuroscience and neuroengineering.

Stuart Corr, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Dublin City University, Ireland; Nanomedicine, non-invasive radiofrequency hyperthermia, surgical technology, nanomaterials characterization.

Andrei Dragomir, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor, SINAPSE, National University of Singapore; Innovative data mining, pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms, time series analysis, complex networks modeling, neural engineering, bioinformatics.

Joe Francis, Ph.D., Professor; Ph.D., The George Washington University; Brain Computer Interface (BCI) hardware and data analysis algorithms, somatosensory neuroprosthetics, synaptic plasticity.

Howard Gifford, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Arizona; Image formation and reconstruction for medical imaging; objective assessment of imaging systems; visual perception and sources of observer variability; image classification and pattern recognition; statistical decision and estimation theory; parallel-computing applications in imaging.

David Gorenstein, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., Harvard University; Structural biology, drug design, nucleic acid and protein chemistry.

Renita Horton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Harvard University; Cardiovascular and cardiac related diseases, tissue engineering, biomechanics, organ-on-a-chip.

Nuri Ince, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Ph.D., Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey; Clinical neuroengineering, neural signal processing for brain machine interfaces, machine learning for neuromarker discovery and biomedical instrumentation for healthcare and assisted living.

Irina Larina, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; Development and application of highly innovative methods for live dynamic imaging and analysis of mammalian embryonic development.

Sheereen Majd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan; Biomaterials; development of micro- and nano-scale platforms that enable studying molecular processes on and across biological membranes, and mimic these membranes for drug delivery and biosensing applications.

Muna Naash, Ph.D., John S. Dunn Endowed Professor; Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine; Genetic mutations associated with hereditary retinal disorders; viral and non-viral ocular gene delivery.

Alexander Oraevsky, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., USSR Academy of Sciences, Russia; Optoacoustic imaging, sensing and monitoring.

Jinsook Roh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; neural mechanisms of motor coordination in unimpaired and neurologically impaired individuals

Mario Romero-Ortega, Ph.D., Cullen Endowed Professor; Ph.D., Tulane University; Bioelectronic medicine, nerve regeneration, spinal cord injury repair, neurointerfaces

Jerome Schultz, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; Biosensors, facilitated diffusion in membranes, restricted diffusion in membranes, transport processes in tissues, pharmacokinetics, immobilized enzymes, bioimaging.

Sergey Shevkoplyas, Ph.D., Professor; Ph.D., Boston University; Biomedical engineering, improving the safety and efficacy of blood transfusions and making blood products available for life saving transfusions in resource-limited settings.

Tianfu Wu, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Employing nanotechnologies to develop nano-probes and drug carrier, to achieve the goals of early biomarker detection and novel therapeutics for chronic diseases.

Yingchun Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Ph.D., Zhejiang University, China; Advancing clinical diagnosis of dysfunction in the human body through the fusion of functional bioelectrical activity/impedance imaging which includes functional neuroimaging, functional muscle activity imaging and functional bioelectrical impedance imaging, electrical stimulation and recording, advanced computational modeling and electrophysiological/biomechanical analysis with applications in investigating the mechanisms of bioelectrical activity in biological tissue and systems.

Faculty with Joint BME Appointments

Venkatesh Balan, Ph.D. (Technology)

Yi-Chao Chen, Ph.D. (ME)

Jose L. Contreras-Vidal, Ph.D. (ECE)

Mini Das, Ph.D. (Physics)

Vallabh Das, Ph.D. (Optometry)

Matthew A. Franchek. Ph.D. (ME)

Ioannis Kakadiaris, Ph.D. (CS)

Fatima Merchant, Ph.D. (Technology)

Ralph Metcalfe, Ph.D. (ME)

Haluk Ogmen, Ph.D. (ECE)

Jason Porter, Ph.D. (Optometry)

Vijaykrishna Raghunathan, Ph.D. (Optometry)

Paul Ruchhoeft, Ph.D. (ECE)

Wei-Chuan Shih, Ph.D. (ECE)

Navin Varadarajan, Ph.D. (ChBE)

Richard Willson, Ph.D. (ChBE)

Cunjiang Yu, Ph.D. (ME)

Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik, Ph.D. (ECE)

George Zouridakis, Ph.D. (Technology)