Dec 08, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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V. Balakotaiah. Cullen Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., University of Houston: reaction and transport processes engineering.

P. Bollini. Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology: Catalysis, chemical kinetics, separations, materials science.

P. Cirino. Associate Professor; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology: interfaces Chemical Engineering with the Biological Sciences, with emphases in biomolecular engineering, metabolic engineering, and biocatalysis.

J.Conrad. Frank M Tiller Professor; Ph.D., Harvard University: interaction between complex fluids (polymers, colloids, nanoparticles, bacteria, protozoa, cells) and the surfaces that confine or support them.

V.M. Donnelly. John and Rebecca Moores Professor; Ph.D., Pittsburgh: Plasma processing of electronic materials.

D. Economou. Cullen Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Illinois: electronic materials, and plasma etching and deposition.

L. Grabow. The Dan Luss Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin: computational methods to understand and predict chemical processes that occur on solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces.

M.P. Harold. Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chair Professor;  Ph.D., University of Houston: PE: chemical reaction systems, multi-functional chemical reactors, reaction-separation materials and devices.

A. Karim Dow Chair and Welch Foundation Professor, Director of Materials Engineering Program; Ph.D. Northwestern University: polymer surfaces, interfaces, nanocomposite films, combinatorial materials science

R. Krishnamoorti. Professor; Ph.D., Princeton: Polymeric Materials, Nanotechnologic and Drug Delivery.

T.J. Mountziaris. Department Chair and Professor; Ph.D., Princeton: synthesis and functionalization of semiconductor nanocrystals, biosensors, reaction engineering, multiphase flows.

M. Nikolaou. Professor; Ph.D., UCLA: computer-aided process engineering, control of microelectronic processes.

M. Orman. Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Rutgers University: Phenotypic heterogeneity in both bacterial and cancer cell populations and explores how this phenotypic heterogeneity impacts our health.

J. Palmer. Earnest J and Barbara Henley Assistant Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina State University: Molecular simulation, materials design, adsorption and transport, energy storage, catalysis.

J. Rimer. Abraham E. Dukler Professor; Ph.D., University of Delaware: focuses on crystal engineering, nanomaterials self-assembly, and pathological biomineralization at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels to address challenges of material synthesis and design.

M. Robertson. Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley: Nanostructured polymeric materials, self-assembly, thermodynamics of polymer blends, structural characterization with light, neutron and x-ray scattering, biorenewable and biodegradable materials.

N. Varadarajan. M.D. Anderson Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin: developing high throughput screens designed to characterize a wide range of functions ranging from the properties of proteins in single cells to antigen mediated cellular cytotoxicity.

P. Vekilov. John and Rebecca Moores Professor; Ph.D., Russian Academy of Sciences: Phase transitions in protein solutions.

R. Willson. Huffington- Woestemever Professor; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology: biomolecular engineering, biomolecular recognition, and its applications in separations and molecular diagnostics.


Affiliated Faculty Members

S. Brankovic. Associate Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering; Electrochemical Thin Film Growth, Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures, Nanofabrication, Electrocatalysis, Sensors, Physics and Thermodynamics of Electrified Interfaces.

J.M. Briggs. Professor of Biology and Biochemistry: Computational studies of protein structure and function, inhibitor design, investigations of possible inhibitor resistance pathways, and development of methods for the above work.

G. Fox. John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Biology and Biochemistry: Structure, function and evolution of RNA.

A. Jacobson. Robert A. Welch Chair of Science Professor of Chemistry: synthesis and properties of transition metal oxide systems with layered or framework structures.

R.T. Lee. Cullen Distinguished University Chair Professor of Chemistry: Design and synthesis of new types of polymeric materials including polymeric drugs and drug-delivery systems.

D. Litvinov. Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering: Nanomagnetic materials devices and systems for biosensor, integrated circuit and data storage applications.

V. Tam. Professor of Pharmacy: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of antimicrobials, Mathematical modeling and simulation of biological processes, Mathematical modeling and simulation of biological processes.

Y. Yao. Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of California, LA:  Materials design, synthesis and characterization for advanced batteries, polymers and organic materials for energy applications, perovskite solar cells.

Emeritus Faculty

R.W. Flumerfelt. Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Northwestern: PE: polymer processing and interfacial phenomena, surface science.

E. J. Henley. Professor Emeritus; D.Sc., Columbia: PE: reliability, computer-aided design.

D.Luss. Cullen Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota: Chemical reaction engineering.

C. Rooks. Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma; Diesel Emission Controls.