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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Faculty

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H. Ardebili.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland.  Lithium-Ion Batteries, Polymer Nanocomposite Electrolytes, Lithium-Ion Conduction, Materials for Energy Storage, Electronics Materials.

D. Litvinov. Professor and Associate Vice Provost/Dean, Graduate School; Ph.D., Michigan.  Micro/Nano fabrication.

P. Ruchhoeft.  Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Houston. Nanolithography and nanofabrication, modeling of resist exposure and development, etching and thin-film deposition.

J. Ryou.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D.,  University of Texas.  Materials Science and Engineering, semiconductor materials, Photonic/electronic devices, nanotechnology.

V. Selvamanickam.  M. D. Anderson Distinguish Professor; Ph.D., University of Houston.  Materials science and engineering, superconductivity.

P. Sharma.  M.D. Anderson Chair Professor and Department Chair Nanomechanics of Materials Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland: mechanics.

W. C Shih. Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Nanobiophotonics

G. Stein.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara.  Polymer thin films; self-assembly; dynamics at surfaces and interfaces; diffusion in polymer films; optical and electron-beam lithography; alternative nanofabrication techniques; x-ray scattering.

L. Sun.  Associate Professor; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University.  Biomechanical systems.

S. Wang.  Distinguished University Professor; Sc. D., MIT.  Solid mechanics, materials science and engineering, superconductivity.

K. White.  Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Washington (Seattle).  Materials science, ceramics, metallurgy.

Y. Yao.  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles.  Nanomaterials and nanostructures for high energy density Li-ion batteries, low cost and large scale energy storage for electricity grid applications, nanophotonic structures for efficient solar-to-electricity and solar-to-fuel conversion, nanostructured thin-film solar cells for light trapping, materials and device physics in polymer solar cells and thin-film transistors.

C. Yu.  Assistant Professor; Arizona State University; flexible/stretchable electronics, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), additive printing, solids state electronics, energy harvesting storage.