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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Student Services: College of Optometry

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Tutoring services are available through the Office of Optometry Relations (OOR).  Students may request tutoring through the OOR.  It is the student’s responsibility to identify the need for tutoring and actively seek assistance.  The tutoring program also provides a source of income for academically advanced second- and third-year students who have previously taken the course they want to tutor and have received an A in the course.

Learning Support Services (LSS)

Learning Support Services offers assitance in study skills, time management and test anxiety.  Counselors are familiar with the demands of the Optometry program and have experience with counseling optometry students.  All services are funded by Student Service fees and are free to currently-enrolled students.  LSS is located in Room 321 in the Social Work Building, 713-743-5411.

Registrar Services

The University uses PeopleSoft (MyUH) for all registration and student service needs.  Students register and view their schedules at www.my.uh.edu.  The Office of Optometry Relations will remind students via e-mail of the time of registration and other matters, including:  academic records, residency status determinations, graduation, orientation, and degree confirmation.  Notary services are available.  The Office of Optometry Relations’ Academic Advisor notifies all students of required courses and electives due to requirements, lab assignments, etc.  If changes are made by the student or Associate Dean or Profession Studies due to academic issues, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the Academic Advisor of any changes to his/her schedule and accept those changes through their PeopleSoft account.  The Academic Advisor will assist in registration for course overload and changes made by the college after registration deadlines.  Fees accrued through any course changes are the student’s responsibility and a reimbursement will not be issued for any reason.

Student Counseling

Program manager for Admissions, Recruiting and Cuurent Student Services, Lyle Tate (ltate@optometry.uh.edu) is available to provide guidance and counseling about a broad range of student issues, both academic and non-academic.  Professional student counseling is also available at the UH Counseling and Testing Cengter (713-743-5454).  Melissa Mares, Executive Director of OOR, serves as student advocate and advisor in dealings with the Academic Committee.  For Appointments:  mmares@optometry.uh.edu.


Students who must unavoidably miss classes or exams due to an emergency situation may use the Office of Optometry Relations to notify the college at large.  However, students should contact instructors directly if they must miss an exam, class, or clinic.  Instructors should always be notified before – not after – an exam or important assignment must be missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the faculty member received the appropriate notification.


The Weston A. Pettey Library is a resource for faculty, staff and students of the College of Optometry.  The Library has an excellent core collection in optometry, ophthalmology, vision science, psychophyics, optics, vision rehabilitation, neuroscience, ocular pharmacology, psychology, general medicine and pediatrics.  Electronic access for journals is provided through the UH Libraries.  For materials not available through the University Libraries, the Pettey Library staff will obtain the materials for you, free of charge, from Inter-Library Loan.

The Library has a computer lab providing access to 36 computers, 2 laser printers and 2 scanners.  All computers are networked, providing word processing, e-mail, and Internet access.  Students are able to access class assignments through the College’s Intranet.  Students and faculty are able to use their personal computers via Ethernet connections to the UHCO network throughout the Library.  The Library also offers 24 notebook computers with wireless capabilities for checkout.  We have nine group study rooms with Ethernet connections and two room with audiovisual capabilities.  Students may also use the materials and services of the M.D. Anderson Library or any of the other libraries on the University of Houston campus.

Health Insurance

All students enrolled at the University of Houston are aligible for a private-endorsed insurance policy.  Information is available through the University Health Center, 713-743-5151.  The American Optometric Association provides medical insurance at low rates, or students may contract for health insurance at a special group rate (https://www.uhcsr.com/AOSA).

Non-immigrant International students will be enrolled and charged for health insurance each semester to satisfy the University policy regarding maintaining acceptable health insurance coverage.  A waiver of the health insurance fee may be requested online with proof of acceptable alternate insurance (http://www.studentinsurance.com/Schools/TX/UH/).  The insurance plan and University’s criteria are reviewed periodically and may be subject to change.