Dec 03, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of African American Studies

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Who’s Who in African American Studies




George Gamble, Billy Hawkins, Lawrence Hogue, Gerald Horne, Philip Howard, Nicholas Kanellos, Donna Stokes, Rheeda Walker

Associate Professors:

Raymond Harvey, James Conrad, Kia Johnson, Kairn Klieman, Shayne Lee, Keith McNeal, Richard Mizelle, Jr., Demetrius Pearson, Linda Reed, Cedric Tolliver, Louis Williams

Assistant Professors:

Tshepo Masango Chéry, Julie-Françoise Tolliver


Stephanie Boyce (Adjunct), John R. Childs, IV (Adjunct), Crystal Edwards (Adjunct), Willie D. Francois (Adjunct), Van Garrett (Adjunct), Alexander E.M. Johnson (Adjunct), Joshua Mitchell (Adjunct), Carlos Phillips (Adjunct), Carole Poindexter-Sylvers (Adjunct), Eronn Putman (Adjunct), Autumn Raynor (Adjunct), Marlon Smith (Adjunct), Kevin B. Thompson (Adjunct), Aswad Walker (Adjunct)


African American Studies is an academic discipline which engages African-centered teaching and research through an interdisciplinary approach. The Department of African American Studies develops, promotes and enhances knowledge and information of the discipline as well as underscores the commonality of Africana phenomena throughout the Diaspora. Of primary importance is the enhancement, elevation and expansion of African American Studies as a discipline in the academy, while building bridges within the African American Community. To accomplish this task, African American Studies focuses attention on three pillars of academic excellence: The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in African American Studies, The African American Studies Minor and The Graduate Certificate in African American Studies.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in African American Studies (AAS) provides students with a comprehensive, quality undergraduate education by focusing on the cultural and structural aspects of the social heritage of Africans nationally and internationally. The African American Studies Minor offers students a structured program of study in African American Studies even though they might major in other academic disciplines. The Graduate Certificate in African American Studies introduces students and professionals to advanced discussions, analyses, theoretical perspectives, and research methodologies within the discipline of Africana Studies. Employing tools from the humanities and social sciences, African American Studies explores the varied dimensions of the human experience from a scope and interests of African people.

African American Studies Majors, Minors and Graduate Certificate students alike are introduced to an interdisciplinary group of faculty who are committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge, academic excellence and innovative pedagogy. For example, African American Studies Majors can research historical African American communities throughout Houston by taking part in AAS 3330 - African American Oral History  along with AAS 3366 - African American Studies Community Internship . All three academic areas in African American Studies afford students the opportunity for a global learning experience through a faculty-led study abroad program to Ghana, West Africa.

African American Studies shares these responsibilities and duties in fulfilling its objectives and vision as an academic department of the university. Furthermore, there are various resources throughout the Houston community to support and sustain applied research projects with emphasis on Africana phenomena. Likewise, with a committed staff and active student body, the Department of African American Studies will continue with a charge and vision to prioritize research and undergraduate education at the University of Houston.


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