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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Nursing Dual Degree with UTSON

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The Dual Degree Agreement between UH and UTSON offers students the benefit of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at UH while also completing pre-requirements for admission to UTSON to pursue a B.S. in Nursing. The Agreement imposes certain additional requirements on participating students while at UH and provides for certain exemptions from UH and CLASS degree requirements.

Students will require advising concerning this Pre-Nursing Track, faculty mentoring on their course of studies for the UH B.A. or B.S., and need to be evaluated periodically for on-going program eligibility. The Program advising and faculty mentoring is under the Liberal Studies program.

Students must meet the following requirements for participation in the Program, and to have the related UH degree program waivers of exemptions:

  1. Interested FTIC students will complete at least 90 credit hours towards a UH bachelor’s degree, completing their Nursing prerequisites as part of a UH bachelor’s degree, selecting a major in CLASS.
    1. While they may select any major from the college, two are particularly well-suited for these dual degree students: Liberal Studies (the triple-minor major) and Psychology. Interested students will begin in their first year at UH to work on their Nursing pre-requisites, which in addition to fulfilling their Core requirements for the UH bachelor’s degree, will include additional coursework to fulfill Nursing pre-requisites, Growth & Development, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology, for example. To be eligible for this program, all Math and Science pre-requisites for Nursing must be taken at UH, transfer credit and AP credit is not allowed.
    2. Note that students in this Program are expected to fulfill all the requirements of the major they select, even if that might entail completing more than 90 hours at the University of Houston.
  2. Participation in the Program requires obtaining and maintaining a 3.5 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 Science GPA. This requirement will be confirmed at 30, 60 and 75 credit hours.
    1. Starting with the review for eligibility at 30 hours and continuing so long as eligibility is maintained, participants in this Program will have priority registration privileges.
  3. Students who are not eligible at any point for the Program for failure to maintain GPA requirements may continue and complete a UH Bachelor’s degree. However they will no longer be eligible for Programrelated exemptions or waivers and must fulfill all College and University degree requirements.
  4. Based on continuing eligibility and successful admission to UTSON under this Program, up to 30 credit hours of approved coursework from their UTSON Bachelor’s degree in Nursing can apply to the awarding of their UH Bachelor’s degree.
    1. The first 30 hours of Nursing coursework at the UTSON will also substitute for the College’s requirement of a minor, for purposes of awarding the Bachelor’s degree.
    2. That coursework will be taken in their final 30 hours, so students who are admitted to the UTSON will be exempted from the normal rule requiring the last 30 hours of coursework taken in residence at UH.
  5. Students accepted into the Pre-Nursing track AND who complete 30 hours at the UTSON may also be exempted from the University of Houston requirement of at least 36 advanced hours for graduation.
  6. Students accepted into the Pre-Nursing track AND who complete 30 hours at the UTSON will be exempted from the College’s Foreign Language requirement for a Bachelor of Arts degree - although Pre-Nursing students will be strongly encouraged to take a “Spanish for Medical Professions” course.
  7. After 75 credit hours, eligible students will be advised to take the designated nursing exam and to apply for admission to UTSON as a dual-degree applicant.
    1. At least 25 percent of the admissions slots for each application cycle at the UTSON will be reserved for UH Pre-Nursing students.
    2. Students not eligible or not admitted through this program will have the option of applying through the general applicant pool at UTSON or of completing a single UH degree.
    3. Program Participants who do not complete the B.S. in Nursing at UTSON, but successfully complete at least 30 hours at UTSON, may still earn their UH Bachelor’s degree according to Program waivers and exemptions.
    4. Students not admitted to UTSON through this Program, or through UTSON’s general admission pool, or who do not successfully complete 30 hours at UTSON may continue to complete their UH Bachelor’s degree with no Program-related exemptions or waivers and fulfilling College and University degree requirements.

Due to the complicated nature this unique Dual Degree Program, interested students and eventual Program participants are recommended to stay in regular contact with the Academic Advisor and Faculty Director of Liberal Studies.

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