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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

3 + 3 Undergraduate/Law Dual Degree Program

Application Process

It is expected that consideration for early admission to the J.D. program at the Law Center as a dual-degree student will require a cumulative grade point average, “GPA,” of at least 3.5 at the end of 90 undergraduate-eligible semester hours and achieving at least the median Law School Admission Test, “LSAT,” score of the preceding year’s entering class at the Law Center.  Early admission is also contingent upon approval of the student’s moral character and fitness responses.

Students participating in the program who have a GPA lower than 3.5 or who have an LSAT lower than the previous year’s median may be considered for early admission at the discretion of the Law Center admissions committee. Additional application materials may be required, including a statement describing why they merit early admission. Early admission for such applicants will be contingent upon approval of the student’s moral character and fitness responses.

Students who have earned college credit prior to enrolling in the Honors College may apply to and participate in the 3+3 program. However, in order to preserve the culture of the Honors College, in no case shall an Honors College undergraduate student be admitted to the Law Center through this program unless that student has completed at least 90 undergraduate-eligible semester hours while a student in residence in the Honors College.

Required Academic Credits and Undergraduate Degree Requirements
  1. In their first three years at the University of Houston, interested Honors College students will complete at least 90 semester credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, including two undergraduate minors, one of which must be Phronesis. Students admitted to the Law Center can begin the first-year law school curriculum only after completing at least 90 undergraduate semester hours in residence. Students must begin the first-year law school curriculum in the fall semester.
  2. To receive an undergraduate degree, program students must successfully complete at least 120 undergraduate-eligible semester hours, as well as all of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. For purposes of this degree program, the Law Center’s first-year courses are undergraduate-eligible semester hours. 
  3. In their fourth year in the program, eligible students admitted to the Law Center will take the required first-year law school curriculum, which will fulfill the final 30 undergraduate-eligible semester hours required for an undergraduate degree. Such students will also fulfill the third minor required for the Liberal Studies degree by completing at least 15 semester hours of the first-year law school curriculum. The 15 hours a student would take at the Law Center during the first semester of the student’s fourth year would count toward the student’s undergraduate degree, in the event that the student chose not to continue with law studies after that point (i.e., if the student discontinued the law program before finishing the entire first year of law school). The student then could finish the undergraduate degree by taking 15 more hours of undergraduate courses to complete the 120 hours of required credits for the undergraduate degree. Thus, the student would receive full credit for all hours taken at the Law Center, if the student decided to stop the law program short of getting the 30 hours of credit for first-year law courses that complete the undergraduate degree. 
  4. Students enrolled in the program may substitute the Human Situation sequence in place of Introduction to Liberal Studies as a first-year course for Liberal Studies majors.

Required Courses for the Liberal Studies Degree

Liberal Studies


For the minor in Politics and Ethics, a student must complete 19 semester hours of approved coursework, including:

Law Center First Year Curriculum

Fall Semester Hours
Contracts 4
Procedure 1 4
Torts 4
Lawyering Skills & Strategies 4
Total 16


Spring Semester Hours
Constitutional Law 4
Property 4
Criminal Law 3
Statutory Interpretation  
& Regulation 3
Lawyering Skills & Strategies 2
Total 16