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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Department of Economics - Experience Track

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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences  > Department of Economics  > Experience Track

The Department of Economics recognizes the value of developing students’ professional development as an integral part of their academic career. Students who select the Experience Track in their degree program and satisfy its requirements will receive recognition for internship and curricular practical training (CPT) experience by transcript notation. 

Eligibility for Internship

  • The work must be related to the students major.
  • Internships must be approved by the Academic Department.
  • Additional restrictions apply to CPT for F-1 students (see below).

Steps to declare Experience Track

  1. Students must declare by submitting a General Petition to their Departmental Advisor their intention to pursue this track prior to processing the paperwork for approval of the internship/CPT. 
  2. The Academic Department will verify the student’s academic eligibility for internship/CPT.
  3. The Academic Department will review the internship, including the formal job offer on the hiring company’s stationery, a description of the work to be performed, a beginning and ending date, and the salary offered. The Academic department will determine whether or not the internship/CPT will provide the student with appropriate experience related to their major field of study. If a positive determination is made then:
    1. If the students wants to enroll for credit (ECON 4390) then the Academic Department will enroll the student in the course; otherwise
    2. If the student wants to enroll for a zero-credit co-op internship/CPT, the approved petition and internship approval will be forwarded from the Academic Department to the Co-op office in the career center of the Cullen College of Engineering to complete the process. The student will be notified by the career center of the Cullen College of Engineering when the process is complete. 

F-1 students seeking CPT should visit the International Student Scholar Services Office (ISSS) for special instructions prior to the steps above. 

For more information about Co-op Education and CPT, please visit the Co-operative Education (Co-op) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT)  page.

Eligible Coursework

To satisfy the requirements for the Experience Track, students must declare their intention to pursue the track and complete an approved internship/CPT.

Courses for Academic Credit

Courses for academic credit are also available to satisfy the requirements for the Experience Track if approved by the respective  academic department. Students can take ECON 4390  if they wish to receive academic credit for the internship experience.

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