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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

History, B.A.

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Students who major in History must complete thirty-six semester hours in History, including:


  • HIST 1377 ;
  • HIST 1378 ;
  • HIST 2351 , HIST 2361 , or HIST 3379 ;
  • HIST 2353 , HIST 2363 , or HIST 3380  (or their equivalents) and
  • at least 18 advanced semester hours.
    • The 18 advanced semester hours must include at least six semester hours at the 4000-level including a Historical Methods Seminar capstone course.
    • With the permission of the Director of the Undergraduate Program (DUS), students may fulfill this requirement by writing a senior thesis, by completing a faculty-directed internship, or by completing a 6000-level graduate seminar.
    • at least six advanced semester hours must be in United States history
    • at least six advanced semester hours must be in areas other than United States history

Other Requirements

  • Students majoring in History must also meet:
    • the University of Houston’s core curriculum requirements
    • the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Students must complete at least 12 of the advanced hours in History in residence.
  • Students must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average on all work attempted in History at the University of Houston.


36 hours (at least 18 advanced) to include:

Bachelor of Arts in History with Professional Studies Concentration

For history majors planning careers in energy/environment, law, medicine/health, or public history, the department offers a Professional Studies concentration, consisting of 9 hours. The 9 hours fit within the history major requirements and do not add additional hours. To pursue this concentration, students should take:

  • Credit Hours: 3.0 or
  • Credit Hours: 3.0

  • Credit Hours: 1.0
  • Students participating in this track can either take a History capstone course relating to the student’s area of interest (approval from DUS is required) or undertake an internship, independent research project, or senior thesis on energy/environment, law, medicine, or public history. Students doing an internship or research project must register for this course under the supervision of a designated History faculty member or the DUS.*

  • A 3000 or 4000 level course relating to energy/environment, law, medical history, or public history. See list below for recommended courses. 3- or 4000-level Special Problems courses can count towards a concentration if relevant, but permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies is required.*
  • Students will create an ePortfolio to access and save their work in this track; the DUS must approve the ePortfolio.
  • *Relevant graduate courses could count for either of the second or third courses in the track, but instructor and DUS permission is required.

Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Certification

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Certification should refer to the section on CLASS Teacher Certification Programs  and to the College of Education  Section of this catalog.

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