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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Business Analytics, MS

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This program gives graduate students the tools for success as business decision makers in a world of big data, designed around a rigorous core curriculum emphasizing data management and analytic methods that are used across business disciplines. Students have the flexibility to emphasize data management or methods at their choosing. It also includes a flexible set of electives and a capstone experience that allows students to emphasize depth in a particular industry or discipline such as accounting, healthcare, finance, supply chain, energy, etc.

For more information, please visit the Master of Science in Business Analytics program page: https://www.bauer.uh.edu/graduate-studies/prospective-students/ms-analytics/.

Admission Requirements

The admission process and requirements will be similar to those of the current MS programs in the Bauer College. Admission eligibility for the Master of Science in Business Analytics program requires the following:

  1. A four-year undergraduate degree (or foreign equivalent) from an accredited institution. The undergraduate degree may be in any discipline.
  2. Online Application
    • Submit an application through Applyweb.
      • The cost to apply for all MBA programs and Specialized Masters programs is $0 through January 3, 2019. All application fees are waived through January 3, 2019.
      • We value the extraordinary talents, experiences, and diversity that veterans bring to the Bauer Specialized Master’s program. In recognition of your service, Bauer College of Business commits to waiving the application fee. Please contact us in order to receive your unique, one-time use waiver code: https://www.bauer.uh.edu/graduate-studies/prospective-students/military/.
    • The online application will include questions on the following topics:
      1. Personal Information
      2. Program of Choice
      3. Academic History
      4. Test Information (GRE, GMAT, Test of English Language Proficiency)
      5. Resume/Goal Statement
      6. Benefits & Financial Aid
      7. Emergency Contact Information
      8. Letter of Recommendation
      9. Texas Residency Questionnaire
    • Disclaimer: Subject to change without notice. Please contact your Admissions Representative if you have specific questions about the application.
  3. Transcript
    • Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an institution accredited by one of the six regional accrediting associations. Scanned copies of official transcripts may be uploaded as PDF files to your online application. If admitted, however, you will not be able to enroll without the official transcript(s) showing your undergraduate degree conferral on file.
    • Official transcript(s) should be sent to:
      1. Regular Mail:
        University of Houston
        Graduate Admissions
        P.O. Box 3947
        Houston, TX 77253-3947

      2. Express Mail:
        University of Houston
        Graduate Admissions
        4302 University Dr. Rm 102
        Houston, TX 77204-2012

      3. Electronic or “Speede” Transcript:
      • Within the U.S., the fastest way to send your transcript is electronically. Please inquire at your previous institution about this option. Electronic transcripts can be delivered via email to gradschool@uh.edu.
  4. Test Scores
    • Scanned official copies or self-reported scores must be included in your online application. GMAT and GRE test scores are valid for five years after the test date. Scores must be valid at the time of application submission.
    • The University of Houston Graduate School is pleased to offer a GRE/GMAT Waiver program for UH main campus undergraduate students. To qualify, students must have graduated from the University of Houston main campus within 3 years preceding the term for which they are applying. Students must also meet the minimum undergraduate GPA for the degree program to which they are applying. Please visit the GRE/GMAT Waiver website for more information: http://www.uh.edu/graduate-school/admissions/gre-gmat-waiver/.
  5. Résumé
    • Please upload a copy of your most recent resume, highlighting your professional and academic experiences, as well as recognizable accomplishments to your online application.
  6. Goal Statement
    • In one to two pages, discuss what motivates you, how your personal and professional experience has shaped you, and how you will maximize the specialized Master’s degree to reach your future goals.
  7. Letter of Recommendation
    • Two letters of recommendation are required. These recommendations are gathered electronically through the online application system. You will be required to enter an email address for your recommender which will allow an online form to automatically be sent to your recommender.

Degree Requirements

Credit hours required for this degree: 36.0

The MS degree in Business Analytics will require 36.0 credit hours, comprised of the courses listed below. Students will select either the Data Management Track or the Analytics Track.

Data Management Track

Analytics Track

Elective Courses

Elective courses selected from any business area, 15.0 credit hours, examples shown below:

Internship/Capstone Practicum

Core Courses & Electives

Core courses will cover the foundation topics that emphasize data management and analytical skills. Electives courses will enable students to develop specialized skills in focused business areas such as Energy, Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, and Supply Chain Management.

Internship/Capstone Practicum. This course will give students hands-on experience by making them work on a business-defined problem that focuses on data management and/or analytics. The learning goal is for them to develop data management and analytic strategies, manage analytics team, and lead analytics projects.

Academic Policies

All candidates are expected to have computer literacy in the areas of word processing, spreadsheet analyses, databases, PowerPoint, and the use of the Internet. Students who do not have these competencies are expected to acquire this knowledge prior to enrollment in the program. At UH an appropriate course equivalent for spreadsheet analyses is BZAN 3310 or SCM 4330. General knowledge of computer programming techniques, while not required, is highly recommended.

Degree Requirements

All students entering the Master of Science in Business Analytics program are required to have a four-year undergraduate degree or foreign equivalent from an accredited institution. The undergraduate degree may be in any discipline.

  • Core courses may NOT be waived.
  • Core courses do not require any prerequisites other than graduate standing
  • The core course in a functional area is usually the prerequisite for elective courses in that area
  • Core courses do not have to be taken in the exact order shown, but all core courses must be completed prior to graduation from the MS program
  • Electives can be selected from the following business areas: accountancy and taxation, business analytics, finance, general business, international business, management and leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship, management information systems, and supply chain management. Due to prerequisites, a limited number of the graduate accounting courses are open to MS students

Transfer Policy

The MS/BZAN program does not accept transfer credit for students who have started an MBA or MS program at another institution.

Waiver Policy

By completing an exam, students could waive up to 6.0 credit hours of select courses. Otherwise, none of the 36.0 credit hours required for the MS/BZAN degree may be waived.

Time Limitation

Students must complete the degree program within the five-year period preceding the student’s graduation.

Changes of Major, Degree, and Classification

Students who wish to change their field of study, degree objective, or classification to one in the Bauer College of Business should contact the Graduate & Professional Programs Office. If admitted, students will be subject to college policies in effect during the semester for which the change is approved. Graduate students in the C. T. Bauer College of Business who wish to change from one degree objective to another within the College should complete an online application form at https://www.applyweb.com/uhouston/index.ftl. Students who receive approval for the change will be subject to policies and degree plans in effect during the semester the change is approved. Bauer graduate students who wish to change to another graduate college at the University of Houston should consult the dean’s office of that college for procedural information.

Eligibility for Enrollment in Graduate Business Courses

All course work to be applied to the graduate business programs must be 6000-level or higher.

Graduate Classification

Students are classified as graduate students in the Bauer College only after their completed application for admission has been approved by the Bauer College. Students must go through the formal application process in order to obtain this classification.

Inapplicable Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is not granted for extension courses, advanced standing examinations, or courses taken prior to admission to a graduate program. The time limitation section specifies additional restrictions. Also, although grades of D+ and lower are included in the computed grade point average, the university awards no credit toward the degree for courses in which the student receives a grade below C-.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Admission to a graduate program on this campus of the University of Houston System is a prerequisite for enrollment in any C. T. Bauer College of Business course numbered 6000 or higher. Students must meet the prerequisite and corequisite requirements of the graduate program to which they are admitted. Prerequisites to the programs are listed with each individual graduate program section. Prerequisites to individual courses are indicated under each course title and are strictly enforced.

Termination of Enrollment

Students must maintain a satisfactory rate of progress toward the degree. Satisfactory progress is measured by several means, including timely completion of courses required for the degree and maintenance of a minimum grade point average of 3.00 (A=4.00). In addition, the University’s Low Grade Policy applies. A graduate student who receives a grade of C+ or lower in 12.0 credit hours attempted at this institution for graduate credit or for application toward the graduate degree, whether or not in repeated courses, is ineligible for any advanced degree at this institution and will not be permitted to re-enroll for graduate study. The Dean, or designate, may terminate enrollment at any time if the student’s rate of progress is not satisfactory. If enrollment is terminated, students will be notified with a written explanation. A hold will be placed on your account with the Office of the University Registrar and you will be unable to continue with graduate classes at this university.

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