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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Accelerated Dual Degree Program BSIE/MBA

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This BSIE/MBA dual degree program allows qualified undergraduate Industrial Engineering students to complete both BSIE and MBA degrees within 5 years. The two degrees will be completed and awarded sequentially with BSIE degree at end of students’ senior year and MBA degree after completing all MBA degree requirements. This dual degree program can significantly reduce the total number of credit hours needed if the two degrees were pursued separately. After completing the BSIE degree, students can complete the MBA degree in as little as twelve months if they so choose. Admitted students will be able to enjoy the flexible class schedule and instruction mode, customize their MBA degree through over 20 different certificates, and choose to work full-time or part-time while pursuing their MBA degree (full-time employment will extend the time needed to complete all degree requirements).

Admission Requirements

There are two admission applications: (1) dual program track admission and (2) formal MBA program admission.

Industrial Engineering (IE) undergraduate students first apply for admission to the dual program track after completing their first semester of the sophomore year but no later than the second semester of junior year.

The admission criteria for the dual program track include:

  1. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  2. Applicants with less than two years of full-time professional work experience must plan to participate in three summer internships by the end of their senior year
  3. Approval from the BSIE program director or faculty/administrator designee of the IE department is required.Students admitted to the dual program track must apply for formal admission to the MBA program after completing the first semester of their senior year.

Admission decisions for the MBA program will be based on a holistic review of the candidate’s qualifications looking at the following criteria:

  1. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  2. GMAT or GRE scores
  3. 2 or more years full-time professional work experience or completion of three summer internships by the end of the senior year
  4. Interview with faculty/administrators from the MBA program

Students approved for the dual program track are allowed to take two MBA core courses during their senior year to double count toward both degrees. See https://www.ie.uh.edu/undergraduate/bsie-mba for details.


Refer to https://www.ie.uh.edu/undergraduate/bsie-mba for what to submit (transcript, recommendation letters, test scores, resume. etc. ) for both the dual track program and the formal MBA application. 


Degree Requirements

BSIE Degree Requirements

Once admitted to the dual program track, students will first pursue the BSIE degree and are required to satisfy all BSIE degree requirements as specified on the UH Undergraduate Catalog to earn the BSIE degree, except that students are allowed to take two MBA core courses in their senior year to substitute for two courses in the BSIE degree plan; specifically,

  • ACCT 6331 Financial Accounting will replace INDE 3330 Financial and Cost Management, and
  • FINA 6387 Managerial Analysis will be used to satisfy the Technical Elective requirement of the BSIE degree plan.

MBA Degree Requirements

Students admitted to the MBA program will officially join the MBA program immediately after successfully completing the BSIE degree. Students must satisfy the MBA degree requirements specified in the UH Graduate Catalog.

Double Counted Courses:

ACCT 6331: Financial Accounting  (replaces INDE 3330 in BSIE degree plan)   3.0
FINA 6387: Managerial Analysis  (fulfills the Technical Elective requirement of BSIE degree plan)  3.0
INDE 2333: Engineering Statistics I (prerequisite for INDE 3364) 3.0
INDE 3364: Engineering Statistics II (substitutes for BZAN 6310 in MBA degree plan)  3.0
INDE ELEC: Industrial Engineering Course (3 credits count as 1.5 elective credits in MBA degree plan) 1.5
INDE ELEC: Industrial Engineering Course (3 credits count as 1.5 elective credits in MBA degree plan)  1.5

Total credit hours:  12


For sample 5-year degree plan for this dual program, see the BSIE/MBA dual program webpage (https://www.ie.uh.edu/undergraduate/bsie-mba)