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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. is the highest degree granted by the University and its possession signifies that the holder has demonstrated the ability to perform independent, original research. The student’s principal objective is to produce a dissertation that can be considered a significant contribution to the field of knowledge in materials engineering.

Course Requirements

  1. Coursework Requirements:
    • BS-PhD track:  Students are required to complete coursework requirements for MS students without a thesis (30 hours of coursework).
    • MS-PhD track (MS in Materials Science and Engineering earned at UH):  At least 9 hours of additional coursework in course listed in Materials Science and Engineering course offering;  at least 3 hours out of 9 should be in coursework offered by the College of Engineering.
    • MS-PhD track (MS earned outside of the UH):  Students are required to complete coursework requirements for MS students with a thesis (21 hours of coursework).
  2. 30 hours of research and 6 hours of dissertation in the department of the student’s faculty advisor.  If a student has completed a Masters thesis, the number of research hours can be reduced to 24 hours.
  3. An average GPA of 3.0 in all courses applied toward the degree must be attained to qualify for graduation.

Qualifying Examination

The qualifying exam is focused on two objectives:

  1. Determine the suitability of the student’s proposed research proposal to lead to a satisfactory Ph.D. dissertation, and
  2. Determine the student’s background and command of the proposed subject and all supporting fields of study.  The student will be assumed to be familiar with the technical aspects of his/her field of study as well as all relevant literature.  The student will presents on a small research project followed by Q&A session where the student will demonstrate the competence to conduct the Ph.D. level research.

Committee Composition

The committee should consist of 3 members:  advisor, at least one Materials Science and Engineering faculty member(s), at most one non-Materials Science and Engineering faculty member (with expertise in relevant materials research).

Dissertation Committee

The dissertation committee shall consist of at least five (5) members.  The dissertation advisor will serve as the Chair of the committee.  At least three committee members shall be affiliated with Materials Science and Engineering program.  At least one committee member shall be from outside of the Materials Science and Engineering program.  The Director shall approve and form the dissertation committee.  Optional:  The student may be asked by the Advisor to present the dissertation proposal to the dissertation committee.

Dissertation Defense

Each doctoral candidate will be required to present and defend his/her dissertation at a public meeting.