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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Core Requirements by Category

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Effective Fall 2007 and forward


Summary of Required Core Hours by Category

Courses are required from all of the following categories:

  Category Required Hours
I. Communication  6
II. Mathematics  3
III. Institutionally Designated Option: Math/Reasoning  3
IV. American History  6
V. Government  6
VI. Humanities  3
VII. Visual & Performing Arts  3
VIII. Natural Sciences  6
IX. Social & Behavioral Sciences  *** 3
X. Writing in the Disciplines  *** 3
  TOTAL 42
If you have any questions about what the Core Curriculum requirements are for you and your specific degree plan, please contact an advisor.

Important Notes About the Required Hours:

Typically, 3 hours equals one course, but that may not be true for all courses. Always check. Select the number of courses necessary to add up to the Required Hours for each category.

Please note that Selected Topics and Independent Study courses - those courses numbered xx94-xx98 - may not be used to meet any Core requirements.

For your reference, each course listed is linked to its full description elsewhere in this catalog. Always check credit hours and prerequisites, and always work with an advisor to insure that you are selecting the right courses to meet your degree plan requirements.

For further information about the role of advising at the University of Houston and your responsibility to seek advising, please see the Advising, Orientation, and Enrollment  section of the catalog.

Fall 1999 UH Core Information

Beginning Fall 2007 a separate Writing Intensive category was included in the UH Core Curriculum, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences category no longer includes Writing Intensive courses.

Students enrolling at the University of Houston for the first time Fall 2007 and forward will follow the Fall 2007 Core Curriculum requirements.

Students who first enrolled Fall 1999 through Summer 2007 will continue to follow the Core Curriculum requirements implemented in Fall 1999. Please see the Fall 1999 Core information  elsewhere in this catalog.