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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Publication Updates

9/4/2017 - Karina Acuna

  • Extended last day to add a class and last day to drop or withdraw without receiving a grade dates due to university closure (Harvey)

11/3/2017 - Karina Acuna

  • Changed start of regular filing period to apply online for graduation to a later date
  • Removed University Commencement information
  • Changed Distance Education to Special Programs and removed satellite campus locations info

11/28/2017 - Karina Acuna

  • Supply Chain Management, MS - edited SCM Core course list; removed SCM 7A98 Supply Chain Research and added Process Design and Analysis and Supply Chain and Consulting Lab to SCM 7397 Selected Topics

11/29/2017 - Karina Acuna

  • Leadership Development Certificate (Bauer) - moved course; MARK 7362 Management of Marketing Information from “required courses” to “elective course list”.

  • Entrepreneurship Certificate (Bauer) - edited electives course list; changed ENTR 7397 Selected Topics in Finance Family Business to ENTR 7341 Family Business and removed FINA 7397 Selected Topics in Finance: Brainstorming to Bankrolling: Beyond the Classroom

  • Marketing Analysis Certificate - updated course list; updated FINA 7397 Selected Topics in Finance: Customer Relationship Management and Database Marketing to permanent course MARK 7377 Customer Relationship Management and Database Marketing

12/06/2017 - Annie Aguanno

  • Special Admission category added to General Admission Policy.

1/17/2018 - Karina Acuna

  • Updated Last day to add and Last day to drop w/o a W on sessions 1, 2, and 3 of Spring 2018 terms due to Ice Storm.

1/30/2018 - Amy Ramirez

  • Updated Pharmacy Academic Polices to reflect previously approved content.

3/26/2018 - Karina Acuna

  • Corrected noted weekday on Summer Term 2018 - Session 2 (Academic Calendar) page from “Wednesday” to “Tuesday” (July 3)

5/3/2018 - Karina Acuna

  • Listed July 4, Independence Day holiday on Summer Term 2018 - Session 2 & 3 as observed.

18JAN2019 - Karina Acuna

Removed Chemical Biology, Certificate from the Biology and Biochemistry program list as it was never approved to be offered.