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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

About the College of Technology

College of Technology  > About the College of Technology

Contact Information

Academic Services Center  713-743-4100
Dean’s Office  713-743-4050
Department of Construction Management     713-743-4712
Department of Engineering Technology    713-743-4040
Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences    713-743-4110
Department of Information and Logistics Technology    713-743-2994
Instructional Support  713-743-4055
College of Technology Web site: www.uh.edu/technology/  


Anthony P. Ambler, Ph.D., University of Manchester, UK

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs:

Heidar Malki, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies:

George Zouridakis, Ph.D., University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Director of Assessment and Accreditation:

Huda Sarraj, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Executive Director for Student Affairs:

Jagdeep Chadha, M.A., Ed.M. Columbia University

Executive Director of Business Operations:

David McMullen, M.B.A., University of Phoenix

Director of Advancement:

Margarita Perez Frinsco

Director College Information Technology Services:

Tom Jones, M.S., University of Houston

College of Technology Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Technology is to prepare the technology leaders of tomorrow for global industry and commerce.

The college will achieve its mission through the following activities:

  • Deliver high-quality education that leverages the intellectual curiosity of individuals to serve their chosen professions and society at large;
  • Engage in research into new and innovative applications of existing and emerging technology;
  • Function as a leading resource for the life-long learning needs of traditional and non-traditional students; and
  • Enable underprivileged and underrepresented segments of society to fully participate in the rewards of technology.

The College of Technology is focused on key areas in technology and merchandising that have the power to improve products and operations, and that are in high demand by businesses and organizations around the world. These include construction, computer, mechanical, electrical power, logistics and computer information systems as well as consumer sciences, merchandising and organizational leadership.

Role of the College

The College of Technology has been part of the University of Houston for over 75 years and is well-known in the community for its contributions to the education of traditional and nontraditional students. The faculty play a leading role in providing and guiding the implementation of high quality, leading-edge technology education in Texas and in the nation. Our graduates are often leaders in their fields and are employed all over the world.

The College of Technology is organized as four departments: Construction Management (CM), Engineering Technology (ET), Human Development and Consumer Sciences (HDCS), and Information and Logistics Technology (ILT). The faculty of these departments are involved in a wide spectrum of scholarly activity. Research in the Department of Construction Management falls in the interdisciplinary areas of project management, supply chain, and construction management with a focus on developing advanced management models and technologies to improve operation efficiency, quality, and safety.

Research in the Department of Engineering Technology focuses on the management and conservation of energy sources, heat transfer, materials and manufacturing, computer-aided design, construction materials, surveying, environmental issues, neural networks, biotechnology, applications of fuzzy logic, control theory and applications, power quality, and high-frequency amplification, complex fluids and flows, tissue engineering, biological and medical imaging and image analysis. Faculty in the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences conduct research on individual and organizational performance factors in the areas of training and development, organizational development, change leadership, talent and career management, retailing, entrepreneurship and strategic foresight planning.

Faculty research in the Department of Information and Logistics Technology is concentrated on improving education in the areas of technology literacy, internet security, supply chain management, data warehousing, grid computing, project management, distance learning, and graphic communications education.

Computer Facilities

Students in the College of Technology are encouraged to have a suitable laptop which is in good working order with the latest software and antivirus updates for their entire period of undergraduate study.

Computer resources in the College of Technology support students and faculty in teaching/learning, research, development, and administration. Computer facilities housed in the college include:

  • Connections to university computing resources and applications through the UH network.
  • Windows, Macintosh, and LINUX/UNIX workstations with a variety of software applications.
  • Special purpose computer-based facilities such as the computer-aided manufacturing laboratory, the PC networking laboratory, the Graphic Communication Technology Laboratory, and the Advanced Applications Development Laboratory.

E-mail Policy

The College of Technology will use your UH E-mail alias as the primary means to contact you and keep you informed on important university information and information from your faculty and department. For additional information on your UH E-mail alias, please contact the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 or go online to www.uh.edu/infotech.

Scholastic Organizations

Phi Upsilon Omicron
is an honor society for students majoring in Human Development and Consumer Sciences. Prospective members must have earned 42 semester hours (12 semester hours in residence) with a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average.

Sigma Lambda Chi
is the honor society for students in the Construction Management major. Prospective members must have attained at least junior class standing and have completed at least 24 semester hours of credit at the University of Houston with a minimum 2.80 cumulative grade point average.

Tau Alpha Pi
is the honor society for engineering technology majors who have completed a minimum of 24 semester hours in the department of Engineering Technology. Students must have maintained a minimum 3.30-grade point average at this university.

Student Organizations

The College of Technology offers opportunities for participation in activities outside the formal classroom structure. Each organization has its own activities and requirements for membership.

Student organizations in the college include the following:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Associated Builders and Contractor Student Chapter (ABC)
  • Associated General Contractors (AGC)
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
  • College of Technology Student Ambassadors
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Instrument Society of America (ISA)
  • International DECA (Delta Epsilon Chi)
  • Graphic Communications Education Association (GCEAUH)
  • Society for Biological Engineers (SBE)
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
  • Student Industrial Distribution Organization (SIDO)
  • Student Society of Human Resource Development (SSHRD)