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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Biotechnology, B.S.

College of Technology  > Department of Engineering Technology  > Biotechnology, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science Program in Biotechnology is intended to provide students with strong core science concepts and an application-oriented undergraduate education. Strongly interdisciplinary, this innovative program strives to help students develop critical-thinking skills and increased interest and /or persistence in STEM-related courses. The program’s objective is to prepare students for employment opportunities in the critically important and dynamic biotechnology industry. In addition, the curriculum will provide students with knowledge and core set of skills that span across basic sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. With an emphasis on environmental biotechnology, this is the first program in the state of Texas that integrates bioprocessing, nanobiotechnology, bioinformatics and environmental biotechnology into the undergraduate curriculum.

The program recognizes the need for cross-disciplinary training and fosters collaborative interactions that will strengthen undergraduate education.

The program is specifically designed to:

  • Develop adaptable students with a strong foundation in skills that are relevant to the changing world of biotechnology.
  • Provide students with practical training in the skills and techniques of biotechnology.
  • Integrate the laboratory and lecture components of the program through the use of an experimental approach to learning.
  • Uniquely combine practical, hands-on biotechnology training with cutting-edge biotechnology research and teaching.

Two curriculum tracks: 1) Bioprocessing, and 2) Bioinformatics give students the flexibility to tailor their degree based on their interest, educational background and career goals. These tracks, in combination with core courses, will provide our students with a broad exposure to the field of biotechnology. The presence of the Texas Medical Center in the greater Houston area and a growing biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, places this program at the forefront of Biotechnology Education.

Students pursuing the Biotechnology major must complete the following requirements in addition to the university core and general college requirements.


University Core

Core Communications (6 semester hours)

Core Mathematics (6 semester hours)

  • Core Mathematics - this program has specified math (see below)
  • Core Math/Reasoning (IDO) - this program has specified math (see below)

Core American History (6 semester hours)

Core Government/Political Science (6 semester hours)

Core Language, Philosophy & Culture (3 semester hours)

  • Core Language, Philosophy & Culture - this program has recommended course (see below)

Core Creative Arts (3 semester hours)

Core Life & Physical Sciences (6 semester hours)

  • Core Life & Physical Sciences - this program has specified science (see below)
  • Core Life & Physical Sciences - this program has specified science (see below)

Core Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 semester hours)

Core Writing in the Disciplines (IDO) (3 semester hours)

  • Core Writing in the Disciplines - this program has specified WID (see below)

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Requirement

  • 6 semester hours MATH courses
  • 6 semester hours Formal Science

Courses required for program that also fulfill core categories:

Language, Philosophy & Culture

Mathematics and BS Special Requirements

Writing in the Discipline

Departmental Requirements

Biotechnology students must complete either the Biomanufacturing track or the Bioinformatics track

Free electives (6 semester hours)

Students must have minimum 2.00 in major

Major GPA will be calculated on the major requirements including Biomanufacturing or Bioinformatics track.

  • 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average in courses attempted at the University of Houston
  • 36 of the credit hours must be advanced (junior or senior level)
  • Final Residency - The last 30 semester hours to be applied toward a bachelor’s degree must be taken in residence at UH
  • 9 advanced credit hours in department of major in residence at UH
  • 120 hours required for this degree
  • Limit of 66 credit hours of lower-level (1000 and 2000 level) transfer credit toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Houston
  • Students  may use no more than two semester hours in physical education activity courses
  • Students must satisfy TSI to graduate