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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Computer Engineering Technology, B.S.

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The goal of the Computer Engineering Technology program is to provide students with a high quality applications-oriented undergraduate education based on state-of-the-art technology as a preparation for productive employment in the broad field of computer applications. This goal is achieved through four objectives

  1. Continuously updating courses in the program to ensure relevance to the latest industrial practices
  2. Provision of appropriate computing facilities,
  3. Integration of advanced computer technology in all courses, and
  4. Continuing professional growth and development of the students and faculty. The program is designed to satisfy the educational needs of the urban Houston community by providing an inclusive climate that fosters self-awareness, personal growth, and a desire for life-long learning.

Computers are used to control processes in manufacturing, chemical production, and oil & gas industry and energy systems. They are used to route data and conversations in telephone and wireless communication; provide the best shipping, billing, routing, and inventory information for transportation industry; and online market place. Computers and appropriate software packages are also used to solve scientific and engineering problems, to aid in medical tests and diagnoses, and to help design structures and buildings.

With computers assisting nearly every professional and leisure activity of modern life, people who can design, develop, implement, install, configure, network, operate, and maintain computer systems can make a valuable contribution to business and industry. People familiar with both the hardware and software requirements of computers are especially valuable.

Computer Engineering Technology majors study the application of state-of-the-art hardware and software in contemporary computer systems. Students are given a solid foundation in mathematics, basic sciences, and electronics. A thorough study is made of digital circuits and embedded systems, and computer circuits and systems. Hardware and software aspects of computers are covered in detail. Graduates of Computer Engineering Technology are qualified for immediate employment in a variety of industries as sales representatives, field specialists, interface designers, software specialists, and digital applications specialists.

Students pursuing the Computer Engineering Technology major must complete the following requirements, in addition to university core and general college requirements.

Computer Engineering Technology

University Core

Core Communications (6 semester hours)

Core Mathematics (6 semester hours)

  • Core Mathematics - this program has specified math (see below)
  • Core Math/Reasoning (IDO) - this program has specified math (see below)

Core American History (6 semester hours)

Core Government/Political Science (6 semester hours)

Core Language, Philosophy & Culture (3 semester hours)

Core Creative Arts (3 semester hours)

Core Life & Physical Sciences (6 semester hours)

  • Core Life & Physical Sciences - this program has specified science (see below)
  • Core Life & Physical Sciences - this program has specified science (see below)

Core Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 semester hours)

Core Writing in the Disciplines (IDO) (3 semester hours)

  • Core Writing in the Disciplines - this program has specified WID (see below)

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Requirement

  • 6 semester hours MATH course
  • 6 semester hours Formal Science

Courses required for program that also fulfill core categories:

Mathematics and BS Special Requirements

Writing in the Discipline

Departmental Requirements

Computer Engineering Technology Major Requirements

Majors in Computer Engineering Technology may use no grade below C- ELET courses to satisfy major degree requirements.

Free electives (3 semester hours)

Students must have minimum 2.00 in major

Major GPA calculated on the major requirements and approved electives.

  • 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average in courses attempted at the University of Houston
  • 36 of the credit hours must be advanced (junior or senior level)
  • Final residency - The last 30 semester hours to be applied toward a bachelor’s degree must be taken in residence at UH
  • 9 advanced credit hours in department of major in residence at UH
  • 124 hours required for this degree
  • Limit 66 credit hours of lower-level (1000 and 2000 level) transfer credit toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Houston
  • Students may use no more than two semester hours in physical education activity courses
  • Students must satisfy TSI to graduate

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