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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Liberal Studies, B.A.

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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences  > Department of Comparative Cultural Studies  > Liberal Studies, B.A.

Program Coordinator: Luca Oliva (loliva@uh.edu)

The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Liberal Studies offers an interdisciplinary liberal arts program that matches a variety of educational and professional aims of students.

Liberal Studies Program Required Courses

Selection and Completion of Three Minors

In addition to the two required ILAS courses, students have to declare two of the three minors in CLASS. One of these three Minors can be selected from all eligible programs of UH colleges, including those that are outside of CLASS. The selection of such a Minor has no restriction and will count towards the Liberal Studies major.

As for the choice of the three minors, students must follow three mandatory rules.

  1. Declare at least one of the three minors in CLASS upon admission to the program.
  2. Declare the second minor by the end of the second semester enrolled in the program.
  3. Register in at least one course in at least one of the declared CLASS minors every semester.

These rules will be enforced by locking registration if non-compliant and placing a hold on the student account.

Students must complete all requirements for three separate Minors. Courses taken for one Minor cannot be used to satisfy requirements in either of the other two Minors.

Minor Administrative and Academic Requirements

  1. Complete the 15 or 18 credit hours required for each Minor, totaling 45 to 54 credit hours.
    1. Additionally, students must satisfy the following requirements:
      1. 6 credit hours (Liberal Studies major requirement),
      2. 16 credit hours (UH language requirement),
      3. 42 credit hours (UH core requirement).
  2. Complete all other requirements for each of the chosen Minors, including grade point averages.
  3. The “Major GPA” for this program - comprised of 3 minors - will be calculated as a cumulative average of the grades taken in the two required courses of Liberal Studies.

General Requirements

Students must complete all other Core , College , and University requirements  for the Bachelor of Arts degree .

Since the program is interdisciplinary in nature, students majoring in Liberal Studies will not have to fulfill the College requirement for an additional 9 hours across three fields outside of their Major.

“Legacy students,” already enrolled as Liberal Studies majors, will be offered the option of switching to the new rules with a change of degree plan.

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