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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [Not Current Academic Year. Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

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About Exploratory Studies at UH 

Exploratory Studies is a short-term entry major that intentionally integrates academic support with career counseling to allow undecided students to make informed decisions about, and prepare for, declaring a degree-seeking major. Exploratory Studies majors interact with professionals in career fields, faculty and students in majors of interest, and colleagues making similar academic and career decisions.

By University of Houston policy, all freshmen students will declare a major by the beginning of their sophomore year (30 credit hours).

Exploratory Studies is a part of the UH Undergraduate Student Success Center.

The course offered through Exploratory Studies is CORE 1101 - College Success   

About the B.S. in Integrated Studies

The BS in Integrated Studies is a general interdisciplinary degree intended to offer flexible degree attainment for a wide range of professional marketable skills to be used to achieve career and educational goals. By strategically combining different areas of study incorporating courses across multiple disciplines, students will synthesize skills with career goals aligned to the real-world job market, allowing them to be competitive in the marketplace or for subsequent graduate study.

The B.S. in Integrated Studies degree consists of four curriculum areas including: Texas Core Curriculum (42 hours), Bachelor of Science Special Requirements (12 hours), Concentration Areas (36 hours), and Electives (30 hours).

Integrated Studies majors complete either two 18-hour Concentration Areas or three 12-hour Concentration Areas from the approved list:

  • Business and Consumer Sciences
  • Education
  • Science, Health Sciences, and Math
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Arts, Architecture and Design.

All freshman and transfer students may be admitted or readmitted to Integrated Studies, and all undergraduate students in other majors may change majors to Integrated Studies.

Integrated Studies


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